Wickes Pressure Washer

Product: 120bar Pressure Washer
Merchant: Wickes

Wickes 120Bar Pressure WasherI received this Pressure Washer from the Wickes affiliate programme as a free gift for being one of a number of people to join the programme and get a link up on one of my sites. Fiona MacPherson, the programme manager, is an extremely helpful and plesant person. She sends out emails regularly with offers and codes to promote. Suprisingly, this is something you don’t always get from a lot of programmes. (That’s another story for later!)

So, getting onto the pressure washer itself. It arrived ready to be assembled. This consisted of putting the handle on, connecting the high pressure hose and finally putting the wheels on. It took little more than 20 minutes, brilliant!

The pressure washer was ready to go, and go it went. Connect to a standard tap or the end of a hose and you’re ready to go. The unit is compact and readdy quite powerful. It gets the green from patio stones, mud off the car with ease and with the cold weather and salt on the roads, it’s quick and easy to rinse off you car when you get home. It’s only downside for me is the length of the electrical cable, as with most goods you buy, they never seem to give you enough. Apart from this little niggle, I would recommend this pressure washer as a good middle of the road costing unit.

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