Affiliate WordPress Datafeed Plugin

Just found this easy to use WordPress plugin. It enables you to quickly and easily build a whole website with potentially thousands of product pages. The whole process takes no more than fifteen minutes.

This Affiliate WordPress CSV and Datafeed Import Plugin is available from Digitalquill and costs just £25. OK, so what can you do with your new plugin? Once you have installed WordPress onto your website, unzip and upload the datafeed files into the wp-content/plugins/ directory. Now when you are logged into the admin are you have a new option under the Posts heading:

New Datafeed Post Ccreation

Create Posts from Datafeed

This plugin is simplicity itself to use. The plugin has been improved over the last few months with a number of new releases, each of these you get free with your purchase too.

So using this new option, you get to upload a datafeed file into your WordPress blog. The plugin analysis the file extracting the columns, then attaches a number to each of these columns. To build your blog post ‘template’ simply use a mixture of HTML code and the codes assigned to each column. It really is simplicity itself to use. A couple of sites I have created using this latest version of the Datafeed Import Tool plugin are Classic English Interiors, A Hot Cup and Grange Hampers.

The current version has just recently been updated to be compatible with WordPress v2.9.

Full instructions and screen examples can be found on Digital Quill website.

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