Datafeeds Offered via Network Interfaces

I’m dismayed a the level of datafeed function available at the different networks. I’m wanting to change an existing website to offer a smaller selection of goods but i’m also in the process of creating a new site to offer a similar range. The first is JustUndies which currently

Linkshare Launch New Interface – Publisher Dashboard

I have been a member of the Linkshare Network for a few years now. The user interface during that time hasn’t really changed a great deal and to be honest it isn’t one of my favorite interfaces. Linkshare UK started getting the ball rolling only in the last year. They have started to

WordPress is ACE!

Just over a week ago I decided to make myself a Blog (this one). I had attempted this about a year ago but that time I used Blogger. I didn’t keep up with it for too long and it soon fizzled out and I gave up. ┬áThis time I have decided to use Workpress. It’s far easier to use and

Wickes Pressure Washer

Product: 120bar Pressure Washer Merchant: Wickes I received this Pressure Washer from the Wickes affiliate programme as a free gift for being one of a number of people to join the programme and get a link up on one of my sites. Fiona MacPherson, the programme manager, is an extremely helpful and

It had to happen!

Well, as I said, it had to happen eventually didn’t it? I’ve decided to get myself a blog. Why? Well, I think I need one to express and share my views and news on Affiliate Marketing and life in general. I won’t make any promises about the topics and frequency of posts that