WordPress is ACE!

Just over a week ago I decided to make myself a Blog (this one). I had attempted this about a year ago but that time I used Blogger. I didn’t keep up with it for too long and it soon fizzled out and I gave up.

┬áThis time I have decided to use Workpress. It’s far easier to use and customise. I realised that my hosting has Fantastico De Luxe installed. Through this I installed WordPress. This took about 10 minutes to do, so far so good. I then looked about for a new theme as these are apparently easy to install. I found one I liked, unzipped it and uploaded to my webserver. Within the WordPress administration area you then see the new theme. Simply by clicking the activate link and your new theme is there for all to see! (wow).

I have been so impressed with this that I have held up developing a few gift sites I have domains for and today setup another site using WordPress instead of designing the site myself. PersonaliseYaGifts is the result in a few hours. We’ll see how it goes in the next few days and weeks.

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  1. Pink says:

    I totally agree with you that wordpress is the way to go! Its seldom I don’t use wordpress when developing a new site and I can get straight down to adding content rather than spending ages on designing.

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