Datafeeds Offered via Network Interfaces

I’m dismayed a the level of datafeed function available at the different networks. I’m wanting to change an existing website to offer a smaller selection of goods but i’m also in the process of creating a new site to offer a similar range. The first is JustUndies which currently offer a mix of mens and womens underwear and lingerie. I want to make this just a mens only site allowing me to create a new womens only site at LingerieLocker.

So, to help populate these sites I will be needing a datafeed of merchant goods to offer my visitors. My first choice was to have the datafeeds from JustHom and DeadGoodUndies for JustUndies. The ladies will be getting a selection from BeCheeky or FigLeaves.

So, firstly all of these merchants offer the datafeed facility through the networks. Brilliant I thought. Not so…

The Figleaves datafeed is currently about seven months out-of-date on TradeDoubler. Not a good start is it? BeCheeky offer a feed through DGMPro and AffiliateWindow. They don’t have the same number of products as each other which I would have exprected. The offering from AffiliateWindow has about 300 less products. That offered from DGMPro has errors in. I’m told that the affiliate manager of Figleaves will email an up-to-date version of the feed when updates are necessary, but isn’t this missing the whole point of offering these throught the network interface?

Anyway, when I get a solution sorted I’ll post again.

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2 Responses to “Datafeeds Offered via Network Interfaces”

  1. Ajay Parmar says:

    I am also looking for lingerie data feed from various merchant from UK, is there any good datafeed for it?

  2. Andrew says:

    I currently use the FigLeaves feed from TD, it’s now up-to-date! Also I use the BeCheeky feed from AW, the Agent Provocateur from OMG. They seem to be working OK up to now.
    I’m using them on my new LingerieLocker site.

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