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Savile Row Company – Expensive, out of my league, I can’t afford them. A few first thoughts people might say when you mention Savile Row to you. Well I’m pleased to say that you can buy shirts, trousers, ties, underwear and shoes from The Savile Row Company without breaking the bank.

Savile Row Company offers ‘luxury clothing at affordable prices’.

Their range of clothing and accessories are aimed at the thirty plus age range, business people and people who like to dress smart and feel good in what they are wearing. You will find an extremely detailed image of each product that you can view and zoom in to see it in almost life size detail. Most of the shirt ranges give you a choice of shorter or longer sleeve lengths, plus some of them allow you to add monogramming which is a very popular offer.

For the ultimate in shirt comform and quality, you must take a look at the newly launched Menswear Gold Label Collection. This range offers a unique superfine 300 thread yarn count, that’s 25% higher than its nearest competitor!

If in the unlikely event you will be able to return your unwanted goods within the UK free of any postage charges.

You will not believe the quality of the clothing on offer until you feel it for yourself. You can pay £25 for a business shirt from M&S or £25 from Savile Row Company. Ask yourself where you would rather tell people where your shirt comes from.

Try them for yourself and let us and others know your findings.

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