Product Reviews

Affiliate WordPress Datafeed Plugin

Just found this easy to use Wordpress plugin. It enables you to quickly and easily build a whole website with potentially thousands of product pages. The whole process takes no more than fifteen minutes. This Affiliate Wordpress CSV and Datafeed Import Plugin is available from Digitalquill and

New WordPress Application for Affiliates

We think you should be made aware of a brilliant new application aimed at affiliate marketeers who use Wordpress to build their websites. Affiliate Theme is an application that consists of a Wordpress theme that is customisable by the site owner without the need for any technical knowledge of any

New Game Concept for Nintendo DS – 100 Classic Books

JustĀ a quick note about the new ‘game’ being launched today for the Nintendo DS. It’s called 100 Classic Book Collection. It does exactly what it says on the box, it’s a collection of 100 Classic Books for you to reead on your Nintendo DS. It will be interesting to see

Professor Layton and the Curious Village – Nintendo DS

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we would look at what we thought might be big in the gaming world. It’s obvious that the Wii Console and accessories will be massive, like they were last year. In addition to the obvious, this game on the Nintendo DS caught our eye.

Wickes Pressure Washer

Product: 120bar Pressure Washer Merchant: Wickes I received this Pressure Washer from the Wickes affiliate programme as a free gift for being one of a number of people to join the programme and get a link up on one of my sites. Fiona MacPherson, the programme manager, is an extremely helpful and