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WordPress is ACE!

Just over a week ago I decided to make myself a Blog (this one). I had attempted this about a year ago but that time I used Blogger. I didn’t keep up with it for too long and it soon fizzled out and I gave up. ┬áThis time I have decided to use Workpress. It’s far easier to use and

Wickes Pressure Washer

Product: 120bar Pressure Washer Merchant: Wickes I received this Pressure Washer from the Wickes affiliate programme as a free gift for being one of a number of people to join the programme and get a link up on one of my sites. Fiona MacPherson, the programme manager, is an extremely helpful and

It had to happen!

Well, as I said, it had to happen eventually didn’t it? I’ve decided to get myself a blog. Why? Well, I think I need one to express and share my views and news on Affiliate Marketing and life in general. I won’t make any promises about the topics and frequency of posts that